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ELEMents of serenity

ELEMents of Serenity


EXPRESS MANICURE (Paint the town)

30 minutes


Treatment includes: File, shaping, buffing, Cuticle work, UV gel polish or regular polish, cuticle oil & a nourishing hand cream 0 Sometimes a simple file and polish is all that's required. Here at Elements of Serenity we have mastered the art of speed. Within 30 minutes your nails will be neat and chic, and your hands transformed. Allow up to 30 mins £20.00


60 minutes


Indulge your hands into the essence of a warm hand bath containing a blend of Aromatherapy oils that will surely enlighten your senses. Relax and unwind whilst sipping on a glass of complimentary bubbly or a hot drink of your choice. Your chosen therapist will commence with a specifically formulated polish that will brighten your skin and allow absorption for a deeper penetration for the application of moisturizer to fully hydrate your arms and hands for that ageless skin tone glow. A lush, rich hand mask that deeply nourishes and revitalizes dehydrated hands will then be applied and wrapped in hot steam towels to promote the skin conditioning therapy. Nails are filed, buffed and cuticle work is carried out before adding a splash of colour, ready to show the world your finished master piece. Allow up to 60mins: £35.00


30 minutes


Treatment includes Filing & Shaping, Buffing, Cuticle Work, Cuticle Oil Choice of UV Gel Polish (lasts upto 2 weeks) or Regular Polish and a Nourishing foot repair cream to finish. Add a splash of colour to your tootseys with our large selection of vibrant colours to choose from. Relax and unwind whilst we take Care of you. Allow 30 mins


Footlogix® - Where Medi Meets Pedi, is the world’s first and only PEDICEUTICAL® Foot Care line. Footlogix is a revolutionary, true “treatment” line, incorporating groundbreaking Dermal Infusion Technology that allows the active ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin to treat a variety of skin conditions affecting the feet. Footlogix® is the next generation of transformational skin care for the feet. Your feet will be submerged into the essence of a warm foot spa, containing a blend of oils that will surely enlighten your senses. Your chosen Therapist will slip you under a warm luxurious blanket, in a candle lit room to work her magic and bring back health your skin and the glamour to your toes. Relax and unwind whilst enjoying a complimentary glass of Bubbly or a hot cup of twinnings Tea. Those unwanted dead skin cells will be sloughed off to bring back those silky, soft ,smooth feet. A nourishing moisturizer combined with massaging techniques will stimulate the blood flow and add intense hydration. Toes are filed, buffed and cuticle work is carried out before adding a splash of colour, ready to show the world your flawless feet. Allow up to 60mins: £45.00


15 minutes


Incorrect removal causes pits, cracks, and scrapes on your nail plates, often appearing as small white spots on the nails. Professional gel remover is recommended to keep your nails in good condition.

" What happens at the nail station, stays at the nail station"

Elements of Serenity® 



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